Monday, January 18, 2010

Mo'Nique Wins Golden Globe: Actress One Step Closer to Oscar Gold

Mo'Nique Wins Golden Globe: Actress One Step Closer to Oscar Gold

I just wanted to spread the word. If you did not know you should. Mo'Nique is a beautiful sista that represents the fashionable plus-sized woman to the fullest. For her to be commended for a role that is so out of her norm just shows the extent of her talent. And lets be real the woman is fierce. Oscar here we come :)

Share your feelings on Mo'Nique's Golden Globe.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

2010 Is Around The Corner

2010 is right around the corner and I really want to start doing some interviews for the Sexy Ebony Blog. We need to connect with the Curvy sistas that are making things happen. I know I have been saying this for some time but other projects have been taking my time. But 2010 I will put a little more time into Sexy Ebony. Anyone interested in helping out, blogging or just interested give me a holla. I want to here from you.

Oprah Winfrey to Leave Talk Show in 2011 - ABC News

Oprah Winfrey to Leave Talk Show in 2011 - ABC News

This is just one news report on Oprah's announcement that has literally knocked a number people off their axis. I like the show but after this announcement I have come across people that absolutely love Oprah and are already morning the lost of the show. Since Oprah is a Curvy Sista, who has publicly shown her weight lost struggle I felt obligated to bring it up and see what the Curvy world has to say.

I personally will miss the show. Though I was not an avid watcher of the show, I loved many of her interviews and found the show to be quite entertaining most days. I loved the Friday format that she started in the summer (a kinda Oprah version of the View) and just loved watching this woman expand and grow before my eyes. But I will not miss Oprah because she will not be fading to black. With the kick off of OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) in 2011 she will be in the the thick of modern media. This is actually the best time for her to end the show. It frees up time and resources for her network and now whatever she does under the OWN does not have to be negotiated with other media outlet. Oprah actually has her OWN thing now. I can not wait to see what is up next for the Oprah. Tell me what do you think.

The Curvy Online World Review - Big Gurl Fashion

It is review time again and this review is for all of our Curvy Fashionistas on a budget. If your goal is to look curvy and hot while not killing your wallet visit Big Gurl Fashion. This plus size diva on a budget loves the outfits she has put together with accessories (because what is an outgit without its accessories). The outfits are fashionable timely and can be tweeked to fit your personal style.

But what I loved the most about Big Gurl Fashion is that she gives you prices and location so you know the damage before you walk away from your computer. I love looking at plus size fashion but most of the time I have no clue where to find the clothes unless I am in on the website for the store. And It is hard to compare items from one store to the next and really get a sense of what they would look like together. But Big Gurl Fashion gives you prices, stores and even website where you can find the entire outfit being showcased (that includes location of the accessories). Big Gurl Fashion puts all this together on one page so now you can see the items together and get a sense of what they may look like on you.

Now I will be honest with you since this is a review I have not liked every outfit that she has created. But that is a personal thing. What works for me may not work for you and vice versa. But I will say this. There is usually at least one item in every outfit that makes me think itch to go shopping for more. So in the end I am always satisfied.

So my Curvy Sisita before you get your shop on visit Big Gurl Fashion. She may have already put together right look for you and told you where to find it.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Worker's Comp Pay For Weight Loss Surgery - Look Out Another Excuse for Weight Discrimnation The Workplace

That's right folks. I personally am not very happy about this ruling. Since I read about this case through a twitter post from CURVATUDE (thanks for the heads up) I have been searching the web reading articles trying to figure out why exactly this was done and getting a feel for the reactions to this ruling.

Well here is my pretty much dumbed down version of what I have read. Adam Childers was injured his back when a freezer door hit him on the job. At the time of the injury Adam was already over weight and a pack a day smoker. The back injury lead to extreme back and knee pains. Surgery was not recommended due to his weight so other methods of treatment were prescribed but were unsuccessful. Weight loss surgery was recommended as a precursor to the other recommended surgery for the work related injury. The Worker's Compensation Board in Indian ruled that the worker's pre-existing medical and health condition combined with the accident to create a single injury for which he is entitled to work comp benefits. This ruling was upheld by the Indiana courts because a preexisting condition is not a bar to benefits. For a better understanding of the case and the decision click on the links below.

When researching this case I also found a few similar cases here is a link to one of them this one is in Oregon (

So now that you have the basics of the case what does that mean for us plus size people in the work place. Well the way I see it this ruling gives employers a reason to not hire a qualified plus size individual for fear of possible cost in both health care and possible worker's comp benefits. This decision has me worried about the repercussions. Fat Discrimination is becoming more and more acceptable. Though the plus size community as a whole is getting stronger and helping to build the self esteem (and wardrobe) of our community the general population still thinks it is OK to degrade someone because of their weight. Employers think about money first and why take the risk when study after study blames weight for every disease under the sun. It is cheaper to not take on the risk at all. Where does that leave us especially in an economy where jobs with or without benefits are hard to come by.

If employers are concerned you would think they would promote healthy living initiatives. Work on getting employee discounts to health clubs, day spas, restaurants with healthy menus, and such. Even give bonuses based on those making an effort to stay healthy by utilizing the programs and discounts you have initiated. You will be surprised how much people will do when given the incentive. And if you have employees considering weight loss surgery give them the time they need to make it happen. In the long run it will mean less doctors visits which will lessen the employers health care cost. As sensible as this may seem I do not see any of the employers that have reacted to this article mentioning anything of this nature. All I hear is outrage over the ruling. If they are so worried about Health Care Cost you would think they would work toward correcting the health care issues in the United States as a whole but that is a completely different discussion that I am choosing not to get into today.

I guess in the end I just wanted to put this out there, let people know what is going on and give you something to think about. Leave a comment and tell me how you feel about this case, the decision, or just my take on what I have read. Let me know what you think.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

ANexander Books Seeking Real Size Woman For Book Cover

Anexander Books is looking for a Hot, Sexy, Beautiful "Real Size" Woman to grace the cover of Vonda Howard's erotic novel D-Cup Divas~Book 2 / Rossalyn. Visit for contest rules and details.
This book is going to be hot. Visit BBW Reviews Author Interview and check out an interview with LaVonda Howrd ( The author of this Curvy Novels series)